Detox Diet - Get Back on Track After a Binge

There are times where we’ll find ourselves feeling super tired and bloated after overeating – especially during the holidays. After helping ourselves to way too much pumpkin pie, it can be really hard to overcome the feelings of guilt and get back on track with our old healthy habits. What can we do to feel better after a binge and feel good in our bodies again? How can we move forwards and get back on track with our goals?    

We’ve come up with a list of foods to eat and tips to follow so you can detox your body and feel great in your own skin again.


Lots of Water - It’s important to stay hydrated. You can add lemon to speed up your metabolism and flush out the liver. Drinking a cup of warm lemon water in the morning can be a great way to kick your metabolism off and start your day with lots of energy.

Fiber Speed up your digestive system and get things moving. Oatmeal is a great breakfast option that’s full of soluble fiber to improve digestion. Other foods that are high in soluble fiber are beans, fruits, veggies, barley and seeds.

Lean Protein - Search for foods that are high in lean protein. Chicken breast, salmon, and white turkey are all healthy choices. For the vegetarians out there, chickpeas, lentils, and tofu can be great options.     

Fruits and Veggies - Try making a smoothie. You can check out a list of recipes for inspo here, or download the #SweatCity app to find local juice and smoothie bars near you.  

Detox Teas - Peppermint, rooibos, chamomile, dandelion and licorice root are all great for detoxing your body. They aid in digestion and can be really nice to sip on after you’ve had too much to eat.         



Added Sugar - Eating sugar tricks the brain into believing that you’re more hungry than you actually are. When you eat something sweet your blood sugar levels rise and your body releases a lot of insulin. When there’s a lot of insulin circulating around your system, too much sugar can get pushed in and blood sugar levels drop in response. This will make you feel more hungry after you’ve eaten something sweet, and more likely to stock up on excess calories. When you feel that sweet tooth coming on try grabbing a couple of fruits or make a healthy smoothie.

Highly Acidic Foods - This includes alcohol, coffee, tomatoes, and chocolate. They’re likely to cause heartburn and indigestion after you’ve eaten a lot. It would be best to avoid caffeine altogether, if you can.

Binding Foods - If you’re experiencing issues with digestion, we’d recommend avoiding foods that are binding. This includes bananas, bread, and rice.  



Restock your Fridge with Nutritious Foods - Get rid of the chips and sweets. Seeing these might make you want to overindulge and develop a craving that you may not have otherwise had. Out of sight, out of mind.     

Be Aware of False Hunger - After eating a lot of sweets, it’s common to develop a sense of false hunger. This occurs after you’ve eaten a large amount of sweets, when your body sends a signal that you’re hungry but you’ve already had a lot to eat. When you start to feel hungry not long after you’ve eaten, wait it out for a bit to see if the feeling subsides. If it does, you’ll know that it was false hunger. If it doesn’t, grab a healthy snack or food with a lot of protein to fill you up.

Get Lots of Sleep - Check out this article to read about the relationship between a lack of sleep and sugar cravings, and how you can optimize your sleep to reduce cravings.

Avoid Skipping Meals - This can make you more prone to binging again. Instead, plan out interesting and creative meals that are both healthy and delicious. Don’t make your meals super boring or you may find yourself feeling inclined to cheat again. Grab some friends and eat out at a healthy restaurant. Download the #SweatCity app to find local eateries near you.    

Victoria Gimelfarb