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SweatCity is a fitness concierge service in the palm of your hands. Explore healthy hotspots near you, connect with experts to elevate your health and fitness profile, and match with locals looking for their perfect workout buddy. Everything you need to live your best life and find out how you can really sweat in your city.  


Find Local Health and Wellness Businesses 

Let the app guide you to local fitness studios, healthy restaurants, organic coffee shops, smoothie bars, and more, all based on your current location.  


Connect One on One with Expert Professionals

Elevate your health and fitness profile by connecting with our top of the line experts in fitness, nutrition, sport medicine, and mental wellness.

(coming soon)

Find A Local Workout Buddy

Leave your excuses at the door and find your perfect workout buddy through our one on one swiping and matching feature. 


Connect with people through sport